Fidget Spinners have become the hottest toy of 2017 and they have caused a big stir in the social media world. Although most of you may already know what a fidget spinner is for those of you who don’t, a fidget spinner is a stress relieving toy consisting of a bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat structure made of either metal or plastic that rotates 360 degrees for several minutes. Its original purpose was to help those who struggle with focusing on tasks and those suffering from ADHD, autism and anxiety but it’s become much more than that. If you have spent any time on Instagram in the last six months, there is a 99% chance you have seen a video like this pop up on your feed.


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The reason that fidget spinners have become so popular is because they are fun, stress relieving and incredibly satisfying to watch. There are tons of videos on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook that features this toy in motion and many influencers have used this trend as an opportunity to generate content around this viral product such as Dude Perfect’s video on fidget spinner trick shots that can be seen here.



It has become a viral sensation, obtaining millions of views on social media and is trending worldwide. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are joining the trend and creating their own custom fidget spinners as well. Here is an image taken from her Instagram page featuring her “Daddy” fidget spinner.


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Because of the many fun and unique designs available and the endless creativity that can be explored when using this product to make videos, fidget spinners have exploded and have reached the masses. If you are looking to purchase a fidget spinner for the first time or would like to expand on your growing collection, feel free to explore our selection of fidget spinners and experience what it is like to own the coolest toy of 2017.


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