When people think of slime, there is a sudden burst of nostalgia that invades their minds and reminds them of times where they would sit on their couches on a Saturday morning and tune into Nickelodeon. Slime has been the trademark of the television network since 90’s after it first appeared on the show You Can’t Do That on Television, which Nickelodeon featured on their network until 1994. Because of Nickelodeon’s influence, slime has been perceived as a green substance that is typically dumped on a person’s head in an act of either humiliation or celebration, but it has expanded far beyond that.

Slime is now used as a stress reliever for many and now comes in many different colors and textures that differ tremendously from traditional slime. Traditional slime can originally be perceived as something you want to stay away from because of its icky texture, but YouTube stars like Karina Garcia are changing everyone’s perception with her videos of her colorful slime creations that are reaching millions of people around the world. Not only is slime now fun to touch it is also extremely satisfying to look at. Here is a clip taken from @slimequeeens that reached 1.2 million people on Instagram that features white slime with multi-colored beads. From beginning to end you will be mesmerized at how satisfying it can be to take a few seconds out of your day to stop and stare at slime.

Slime can now be purchased in a small plastic or metal container that you can take out and keep your hands busy while keeping your mind focused. Slime is making a huge comeback and we are here to help. Our selection of slime is growing and in the coming weeks we will be announcing several new products that will get you jumping for joy. But for now, explore our current selection slime and their might just be something you like such as our magnetic slime, which allows you to move slime with a small magnet or even our UV Reactive slime which allows you to draw within the slime using a small light included in the package.


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